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What Your Favorite Snack Reveals About You

Jul 20, 2014 -- 2:49pm

Your Favorite Snacks Can Reveal A Lot

The snack food you crave can tell the world all about you. Dr. Alan Hirsch of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago spent eight years studying 800 volunteers. And he discovered a revealing link between food preferences and personality traits in his test subjects. Take a look at this mouth-watering selection of goodies and choose the one that makes your tummy tingle.

You're a live wire who's bursting with energy and always ready to party with your pals. You're also a ball of fire at work, juggling a variety of tasks effortlessly. Sometimes your family and friends may have a tough time keeping up with you.

Potato chips
You are an aggressive and opinionated person who seldom takes no for an answer. Being so tenacious can make you a bit of a pain in the neck to pals and loved ones. But you can also be counted on to see projects through to the end.

Beef jerky
You are a gregarious person who never met a stranger. Your outgoing personality assures you a large circle of buddies who never consider an outing without you in tow. Your people skills also help you achieve your goals on the job.

Cheese Curls
You're a straight shooter with high morals. You believe honesty in relationships is a must, and you won't waste time on people who play fast and loose with the truth. Friends experiencing a crisis of conscience turn to you for counsel.

Tortilla Chips
You're obsessed with perfection in every aspect of your life. This makes you a super achiever, but you may have difficulty relating to others because they don't always meet your high standards. You'll be happier if you learn to be flexible. 

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The Struggles of Intern June

May 06, 2014 -- 7:14pm
So you want to know what it's like to be an intern on Q102. What it's like to get your feet wet in the world of radio and work with professional radio personalities. That word “personality” is key. It's hard to squeeze that much personality into one small room but somehow they do it.
First off, it's challenging. Especially since from my chair, I can't see the trashcan. How can they expect me to make my crumpled pieces of paper through the trashketball hoop if I can't see it? Obviously, they were intimidated by my superior skills.
Secondly, it's burdensome. Becoming a small town celebrity is no small task. Basically, I'm a big deal now. I mean, my voice was coming out of goodness knows how many people's radios. For two hours, I have to talk about engaging topics and laugh a lot. Who likes to do that?
Thirdly, it's educational. Ew! What college kid cares about education? I had to learn stuff! And what's more, I had to walk away with a huge amount of knowledge about the world of radio that only experience can teach you. Why would I ever want that out of an internship?

Lastly, it's depressing. They make you fall in love with radio, with the friendships you've made, and then they tell you that you can't stay! I was all packed up and ready to move into the Q102 room forever and they tell me that I can't right when I start blowing up my air mattress and hanging up The Bachelor posters on the walls. I guess that's gratitude for you.
I suppose what I'm trying to say is: interning on the morning show at Q102 is above and beyond what I would hope an internship would be. I've learned more, laughed more, and grown more than I could ever hope, all while making great friends (with local celebrities, no less!). When it came to interning, I took a chance and got lucky. With radio, that's what it's all about.


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